JZ’s Tasting Picks are Free

You can have the benefits of my 2,000+ wine tours’ experience with the click of a button for free. After doing a couple thousand wine tours in the San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County wine regions, wineries made the list by extremely broad and un-scientific consensus.  They have produced positive approval most of the time. It’s primarily about the wine, but setting, architecture or personnel may also fall into the mix. Along with the best wines, I know where the wine values and best wine deals are too.

I’ve made Tasting Guides for each wine region in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties, including Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail and environs. All wineries are laid out in a geographically logical format that makes navigation around the wine country easy, simple and precise. They’re the perfect traveling companion along with each area’s winery guide and map available at any winery.

The wineries listed consistently please. You have my sincere promise that I will not bombard you with junk emails. Serious Wine enthusiasts are encouraged to make appointments one week in advance. Wine tasting is very subjective. Enjoy!