Mix and match Diamond, VIP, and Elite experiences to enhance your tour, and discover wine enjoyment like you never imagined!

All tours are tailored to your wine preferences, but feel free to use my encyclopedic knowledge of SLO and SB County wines and wineries gathered over 13+ years and 1,300+ wine tours.

Diamond, VIP, and Elite are my simple way of expressing tour possibilities from a basic Diamond level stand-at-the-bar tasting experience- to unique VIP or Elite upgrades.

Start with Diamonds:
Start with diamonds in your glass- the basics included in every tour.
Use all my knowledge and great services included in my tours to choose fantastic walk-in regular tastings:

  • Hundreds of high quality wine stops available on-the-fly/day of tour, or planned in advance- I always call ahead to make arrangements so your group is always welcomed
  • You’ll be delighted with the special experiences some wineries include with a regular tasting
  • An average regular tasting stop takes about 45 minutes. Tasting fees average between $8 and $20. Many wineries offset tasting fees with bottle purchase, or wine club membership
  • Food planning– if logistics allow I pick up to-go before your tour at no extra charge. I set up your picnic while you taste. There are also stellar sit-down dining possibilities on your tour if you wish
  • Bottled water and clean tablecloths included
  • Pro-photos capture your day
  • Wine cases are kept tasting room temp in my special cool bags. Wine shipping can be arranged
  • Full concierge and limo style service– wine and packages carried to car, along with all the perks that come with a seasoned limo driver: dinner reservations, logistics coordination, trips to the super market or drug store- you name it and I’m happy to do it
  • Spit cups available- tasting room peeps think you’re pretty cool if you enjoy your wine that way. It’s a great way to avoid a hangover
  • Tasting fees for all experiences you choose are paid directly to the winery. I do not receive kickbacks for hooking up clients with wineries- I’m quite happy with a thank you once in a while, and the strong professional relationship that I’ve built
  • Tasting experiences chosen do not affect the hourly rate of the tour


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