Paso Robles Wine Region

What About The Eastside?

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What about the Eastside? Some folks are pretty set when it comes to declaring what they think they like in Paso by splitting it in two- using U.S. Highway 101 as the North-South seam that defines Eastside and Westside districts. Seems the Westside wineries garner much of the buzz and press, but I say, “Wait a minute!” Yes the terroir is quite different on the Eastside- flatter, dryer with less green vegetation, and yes, there is less ocean influence which means smaller diurnal temperature swings, but some Eastside vintners say that their terroir has the perfect combo for growing great Bordeaux’s, and many hot weather varietals. And I’m so happy to help prove it. I’ve been doing wine tours in...
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There’s Stills in Them Thar Hills – Craft Distilling Hits Paso Robles

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A new trend utilizing winemaking byproduct is catching on in wine regions across the nation. Several distilling operations have popped up in North SLO County over the last couple years that use the early bleed off of juice in red grape fermentation to make an awesome array of flavored hooch. Paso Robles is one of the frontrunners in this new style of wine-based spirits- you’ve probably given it a quick thought already, but we’re talking so much more than the traditional brandy or grappa you may be familiar with. For bigger, more flavorful, concentrated red wines, vintners have been removing a portion of juice from fermentation vessels, called saignée, early on in the winemaking process clear back to pre-middle age...
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Welcome to Tin City

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An unincorporated city has stealthily wedged itself between Paso and Templeton! Not a real city- it’s more like an enclave that’s made up of passionate, committed boutique artisans. Over the last two years it’s hit critical mass in meteoric fashion. Tin City has commandeered the spotlight as Paso’s new happening hot spot for a broad swath of folks who enjoy boutique wines, distilled spirits, and of course beer. Barrel House Brewing was the original anchor tenant that pointed towards the future for this 2x2 block zone just off Ramada Drive. Two years back it was hard to tell if this unique zone was just another industrial-leaning hodge-podge of machine shops, supply companies, body shops, and wood fabricators, but gradually small...
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